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Coconut water might contain too little sodium and too much potassium. Don't drink coconut water as way to increase salt levels if you have cystic fibrosis. Coconut water carries a good amount of electrolyte potassium. 100 ml of water has 250 mg of potassium and 105 mg of sodium. Together, these electrolytes help replenish electrolyte deficiency in the body due to diarrhea loose stools. Sep 13, 2010 · Coconut water has long been the drink of choice for cooling parched throats in my home country of India and other tropical regions in Southern and Southeastern Asia as well as South America. It is delicious, relatively cheap and is often a hygienic alternative to plain water, since it is drunk directly out of its tender coconut shell. Nov 21, 2018 · Coconut water is also very high in sodium, with 252 milligrams per 1 cup of fresh coconut water. That's more than a quarter of your recommended daily level of 1,000mg. If you have high blood pressure or other reasons to watch your sodium intake, it's an.

Mar 08, 2019 · Side effects of coconut water in excess and high potassium levels include the following: Kidney disease. Medications including ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, and some antibiotics like penicillin. Uncontrolled diabetes. Addison’s disease adrenal failure Burns and trauma. Breakdown of red blood cells hemolysis. Coconut water is a natural, fat-free drink. Low in sugars and calories, it is rich in essential electrolytes and vitamins. Dubbed the “fluid of life”, coconut is safe for everyone to drink fresh from the nut. As the Hawaiians say, coconut water is “dew from the heavens”. Sep 21, 2017 · Sodium is another ingredient of coconut water that's frowned upon in weight loss circles. Sodium won't cause body fat gains, but it will make you retain more water. If you have too much sodium in your diet, your body is forced to hold on to more water than necessary meaning that the number on the scale has nowhere to go but up.

Sep 09, 2015 · Using reconstituted concentrate instead of fresh coconut water: Heated and reduced to a syrup, regular water is later added to this coconut water syrup for packaging. When coconut water or any fruit is heated to this extent, it loses its nutrients and its beneficial enzymes are denatured. Hydrate with water, take a multi-vitamin or two. For what a sports drink or coconut water in its most potent form, neither is even in the same league as a single multi-vitamin. Potassium in coconut water is overkill. Your body neither loses that much nor can use that much potassium to avoid muscle cramping. Coconut water is the liquid you find in the center of young coconuts. It is not the same as coconut milk; this is squeezed out from the meat of the coconut. As the names suggest, the water is clear while the milk is white. The water is sugary and contains potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamin C.

Now I am not all against coconut water — in fact, it is a better choice than most liquid calories, especially if consumed in the appropriate amount and when a high-quality product is chosen. So let’s dive into some healthy choices and see how the real coconut water is a much better nutritional option.

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